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Welcome to the Magic Wood, inspirational  cards  & practices that can help you consciously create 🌟 positive change.

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The forest spoke and
we listened…

One woman shared the forest’s wisdom through words, another woman through art. The result is Magic Wood: A collection of inspirational guidance cards to help you consciously create positive change. Each beautifully illustrated card is imbued with the energy and insight of the Spirit of the Wood.

Life is a journey of discovery. Let the wisdom of the forest guide you. With Magic Wood inspirational guidance cards, you’ll explore your true self and find the answers for every day. Pick one card when you have questions or need guidance for the day ahead. Pick three cards to unlock the secrets of your past, present, and future.
You can practice daily meditation in a forest to harness nature’s healing and elevating energy. Or try mindfulness at home, visualizing the forest when you need a moment of grounding self-reflection.

With spiritual guidance from Magic Wood, you’ll become the greatest version of yourself.

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Daily Card

You can choose one card when you have a question or need some ✨ inspiration.

Every situation is a lesson, every moment a chance to grow. Pick one card if you have a question or need guidance. Use your card to prepare for the day ahead, or to reflect on what occurred.


Or you can choose three cards (past, present, future) when you need 🔮 divination.

Pick three cards for direction on your journey. The cards represent your past, present, and  future. Embrace and use change along the way; let go and rise up. You’ll become the greatest version of yourself.


Try exercise/meditation 🧘 at your home or nearest forest.

Welcome each new day with mindful meditation in a forest or at home. Feel in tune with yourself. Feel a deeper connection to the world and people around you. Feel grateful, joyful, healed, and free!


With your Magic Wood 📒 journal, you will never lose your thoughts (only in-app function).

When you’ve picked your cards, write down your thoughts or your experiences of what has come to pass. With perception, you’ll unlock the strength to face any challenge. With self-reflection, you’ll see how you’ve grown.
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Magic Wood

The Simplicity of Life

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What Users Say

Kod online je super što se prištekam i pogledam cijeli tretman ispočetka – kad hoću i gdje hoću i onda ga mogu puno bolje i kvalitetnije napraviti i kao da se bolje povežem sa cijelim procesom. Na ovaj način dobivaš više ako želiš raditi na sebi a na kraju se i promjene brže dešavaju.

Magic Wood Cards have been with me for years and I always go back to them in need of support, advice or inspiration. They carry beautiful and much needed wisdom that the spirit of Nature is trying to remind us of. They contain messages that somewhere deep down we all know and feel as true, messages which remind us of who we truly are, and how beautiful and strong we are in our essence. The magical part of these cards is that somehow they always give us the message we need at the moment. If we are truly honest with ourselves, set the intention, and pull out a card, we always get what we need! Sometimes they provide a direct answer to our questions, sometimes they remind us of what’s truly important and sometimes they give us food for thought, a new, unexpected perspective. But more importantly they are here for us in that moment of pause, when we take a deep breath, connect to ourselves and consciously choose the next step of our life.

When I intuitively chose magic wood cards in a bookstore a couple of years ago, I didn’t even know how strong an impression it would leave on me. the cards are my guide that faithfully reminds me every day of the parts of me that are waiting to be discovered, that my vibration shines in full splendor. Every time I get the answer I need at that very moment, like a light that follows me and shows me the way… I am Grateful to Energy that manifested through Maja and thanks Maja for recognizing such a gift and passing it on to us.

The thing with this cards is that every time when I reach one of them, I feel amazed and enchanted because of the answer I’ve got. No matter if a asked for guidance, or some dilemma that i have or just for some advice for that day it always struck me how genuine and profound answer I’ve got. It put a smile on my face over and over again and i just feel how message came in a perfect time and in a perfect way through this magnificent tool. I could feel the wisdom coming through this cards and i feel like i can connect with that wisdom and how they spoke to me. This cards are such a gift for humanity and it’s a beautiful way to connect human intuition and such a profound wisdom of life. I am so grateful that they come into my path and enrich my life for good…

Every time when I reach for the card the magic starts. Each word resonates within and starts to sing the song of the day giving me hope, lightening the pathway and filling me with strength. The card is like a living being whispering to me where to watch inside me, what is the vibe to listen to. The cards are a great gift to each and every one of us to guide us, to help us to reach our intuition and profound wisdom that can be found only in the deepest core of our beings. I’m very grateful to find them, to have the opportunity to immerse myself daily into Magic Wood.