The starting point is where you are now, regardless of where that is. “Your” starting point is there. All you need is the readiness to get going. You will not know the way forward, no matter how carefully you draw out the map, because paths change, and one spring or one winter could cover up or change them all. But, the goal remains the same. It is always here because you are the one who set it, and only you are able to change it. You cannot calculate the time either, because once you have the goal in mind, you have actually already reached it; it is just a question of how you will untangle everything around you in order for the goal to now become the starting point of a new goal. You will then realize that you have moved nowhere at all, that there was no path, or goal, or time…you will realize that all that exists is your starting point, and that is all that will ever exist. And then, it’s up to you to find the best way to forever feel like a winner at the finish line while standing at that starting point.

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