Most people are afraid of years, of growing old; they are afraid that their youth will pass them by but, they do not understand what beauty is to come, equal to that of their early youth, equal to what is now, that same beauty is coming to them and should be welcomed. With each passing year, you change and adapt. This is a system which should not be greased or repaired; it is a system which is the same for everyone and which should be accepted; it is the system of transience.
Each new year changes you into someone wiser, and only someone thus wiser is able to understand that just now and right here are exactly where they should be.
Thus, there is no point in thinking about the years which are coming at you, because you are not yet that wise. For now, make the best possible use of your current wisdom, and the wisdom that is yet to come will be of an even better quality. Do not play against transience, play for it, and you shall see how much good it can bring you.

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