An invitation to tea

Pause for a moment, close your eyes and merge with the moment. Allow the 'forest to breathe through you' and feel the freedom of your soul. Allow yourself the sense of freedom and remain in that state as long as you feel comfortable.
Then open your eyes and see which part of the forest attracts your attention the most; don't think, just head there. As you stand in that part, sense which stone or stones are calling to you. It may just be one stone or several stones that appeal to you. Hold it/them in your hand, and for a moment, try to sense if you feel comfortable holding them in your hand. If you feel comfortable, put that stone or those stones in your bag. It doesn't matter where you put them if you do it with love. If there are several of them, put them somewhere where they can be together, where they won’t disperse. If you don't have a better solution, you can wrap them in a plain handkerchief.
When you get home, find a place that you think is ideal for your new friends; set them up in a place where you spend a lot of time. You can put them in any pot, but they say they feel best in clay pots, of course. Maybe you could make an effort and create a pot with some clay, but in that case, don't paint or varnish it; let it remain completely natural. This way, you’ll give the whole gathering an even closer feeling.
After putting them in your chosen place, welcome them to your home and start connecting with them without any pressures or obligations. You can meditate with them; they’ve come into your home for a reason; that’s because you invited them on some level. It doesn't matter how long your friendship will last; it can be two days, a month, a year, or more. What matters is that it fulfils you, and that you grow through it. When you feel that the moment of their departure has come, say goodbye to them and return them to the place where you first found them. If you cannot get to that place, find another area that attracts you in the same way you were attracted to the spot where you first came across your friends. Sit in silence with your stones in your hands and indulge. Allow the forest to breathe through you again. Then thank your friends and ask them if they might have a message for you. Just merge with the moment. After you open your eyes, just connect with the stones again to be sure they’re happy to be left in that spot.
Don’t make a habit of collecting stones for fun. Do this only when you feel a calling to do so. Every connection has its reason, and each one will enrich you with new experiences and wisdom. By returning the stones to the forest, you learn to let go, an experience essential to our entire human life and development. You realize that nothing in the universe can belong to another because ‘belonging’ violates our primordial nature as free energetic beings and leads to energy stagnation in us.
Look around you, soak up the beauty, invite the stones for tea and then release your emotions and hand them over to the universe because it will know best what to do with them. And you, enriched with new emotions and wisdom, can move on.

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