Filling up with colors

Find a quiet spot and relax. When you feel you are ready, fill up your body with any color that first comes to mind. Inhale—fill yourself up with the color, exhale—empty out that same color. Then fill yourself up with the next color, going through a number of colors which cross your mind. With certain colors, you will feel a special, somehow different, pleasing feeling. That means that is your color for that particular moment, and filling yourself up with that color will give you new and fresh energy. When you find that color, stay in that position, filling yourself up and washing yourself out with it for a while. Inhale—filling up, exhale—emptying out. Like inner washing. Do that for as long as you feel the need to. It does not matter how long you do it for; you have to feel for yourself when it has been enough. It also does not matter how often you do it; you have to feel the need to. You can change a number of colors in one day; what matters is that you listen to yourself and respect the current color you are filling yourself up with.

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