Tears of the sky

Like water that flows in streams and cleanses the whole environment, tears symbolize happiness and purification; they take everything with them and leave room for new and fresh emotions and events.
You can get energy by cleansing with any water; the difference between calm waters and streams is the same as the difference between bathing and showering. Everyone will find the best answer for themselves.
Find a quiet place near the water and settle down comfortably. If it’s a stream, no matter how deep it is, it’s essential that you feel its attraction and stay as close as possible. It’s important that you feel so comfortable in that place that merging with the water is something completely natural.
Become still and greet the Soul of Water; it will surely be happy, so listen to find out if it’s telling you something. And know that it’s always talking. It’s just a matter of whether you’re willing to listen. Then ask it to cleanse you energetically, take away from you all the energy that does not belong to you and is not suitable for you, and then surrender.

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