The way trough paradise

When you enter the forest, that large and powerful storehouse of energy, look at the paths around you and thank each one that you’ll walk.
If you open your eyes and allow your inner vision to expand, you’ll be surprised by the sights you’ll see. You’ll see a lot of happy and little creatures running around you to attract your attention. They’re happy in themselves, but they’re even happier when you pay attention to them, when they show you the way with so much enthusiasm.
To most people, stones are nothing; they like them on a forest path so they don't have to walk in mud. But many stones have souls, each with its own story, and together, they create a whole world that is just waiting for you to look down at and give it one little, tiny smile. They say you can call them whatever you want. Just close your eyes and wait for them to introduce themselves to you. Maybe their names will be different every time; it doesn't matter; it's all part of their game. They say, 'You can call us whatever you want, the vibration you feel as you say our names is important, it's the connection between you and us.'
And this connection can open the door to entirely new dimensions - both the familiar ones that you haven’t yet mastered well and new ones in which you will discover entirely new possibilities. It’s important to indulge.
So, when you come to the forest, greet all the stones in your path and their souls before you move on, and ask them to walk with you. You’ll please both them and yourself; you’ll leave the positive energy of your arrival in the forest, and you’ll always be a welcome guest.

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